Rogers Statement Regarding Detroit News Story

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Rogers released the following statement:

“So let me get this straight…

In 2012, as Chair of House Intel, I sounded the alarm on Chinese telecom companies, specifically Huawei, being a threat to national security.

I co-authored a bipartisan report warning about the dangers of Chinese telecom equipment used in American networks, even going on 60 Minutes to take the warning directly to Americans.

In 2014, AT&T was known to have connections with Huawei.

In 2016, I was hired by AT&T to advise on cyber threats. Today, AT&T doesn’t use Huawei equipment in its U.S. network.

I also worked as a risk analyst for Nokia USA. In January, Nokia announced it was selling its stake in a China-based venture.

The thought that this would be a coincidence defies logic.

These are the facts. It is public record.

I will put my record on China against anyone, anytime.”

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