Rogers and Craig: Open borders have made Americans less safe

Today, the security of our nation, our state and our communities are at risk due to the failures of President Joe Biden and his allies. In Michigan, we’re now home to six of the top 40 most violent cities in America, including two of the top three, and according to the FBI, Michigan’s violent crime rate in 2022 was 461 per 100,000 compared to the national average of 380.

These problems were easy to see coming. On his first day in office, Biden proudly proclaimed he had rescinded all of former President Donald Trump’s border security policies, throwing the border wide open and allowing over eight million illegal immigrants to enter the country. 

The results have been stark. Budgets for local governments, schools, healthcare systems, and law enforcement agencies have been stretched to the limit as they try to keep up with the massive influx of migrants and the costs associated with them.

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