ROGERS AND GONZALEZ: Biden Must Take Action To Secure The Border

What is happening today at our nation’s borders is nothing short of a grave threat to our national security. The Biden Border Crisis has allowed millions of random, unvetted military-age men and women from places across the globe to cross the border with free access to America, and without question.

This crisis is being abetted by dictators across Latin America from places like Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, whose failing states are propped by remittances being sent back to those countries by immigrants and criminal gangs. We see it in our streets as the Venezuelan gang “Tren de Aragua” commits mass robberies in places from New York City to the Detroit suburbs, leaving destruction in their wake.

We have spent our careers defending the security of this great nation. Both of us served as officers in the United States Army and then in a variety of roles to protect our security. Mike served as a special agent in the FBI, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and in private industry enhancing cyber security. Emilio served as a director of the National Security Council, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and in private industry focused on foreign affairs. We both understand national security and have devoted our professional lives to defending this great nation.

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