Senators Katie Britt and Joni Ernst endorse Mike Rogers

Mike’s unmatched national security credentials earn him endorsements from conservative leaders in the U.S. Senate

BRIGHTON, MI — Today, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Mike Rogers secured the endorsements of U.S. Senators Katie Britt of Alabama and Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Britt and Ernst, members of Senate committees such as the Armed Services, Intelligence, and Homeland Security Subcommittee, endorsed Rogers due to his extensive national security, cyber security, and law enforcement experience.

Having served the nation in the Army, FBI, and as House Intelligence Chairman, Rogers is uniquely qualified to hold China accountable, reinstate the Trump border policies, and help lead America to a more secure future.

United States Senator Katie Britt:

“I am excited to support Mike Rogers for the U.S. Senate. Mike’s unwavering commitment to securing President Biden’s open border and his track record of holding China accountable demonstrates his dedication to ensuring the safety of hardworking Americans. I believe Mike’s victory is crucial for our nation, and his wealth of experience will ensure he’s effective on day one as we work to preserve the American Dream for generations to come.”

United States Senator Joni Ernst:

“I am endorsing Mike Rogers. Mike is a dear friend, a fellow Army veteran, and whether it was working in the Army, FBI, or Congress, his experience makes him a qualified candidate for Michigan. He cares about Michigan families, he cares about our great country, and he is an incredible man and will be an incredible partner in the U.S. Senate. I’m asking you to support my dear friend Mike Rogers as we push back against the Schumer-Biden agenda.”

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