Mike Rogers’ statement on terrorist attacks against Israel

Please see below for a statement from Mike Rogers on the Iranian-backed terrorist attacks against Israel:

“The massive coordinated attack by Hamas into Israel would not be possible without the sign off and support from their patrons in Iran. The fact that another Iranian client, Hezbollah in Lebanon is on alert on Israel’s northern border shows further coordination.”

“This attack comes just short of one month after the Biden administration released $6 billion to the Iranian regime on September 11th. The United States, and indeed the entire world, today sees the fact that Iran did not use the Biden administration funding for humanitarian purposes. Iran and their terrorist clients do not value human life and only export terror and murder.”

“Israel will defend themselves because they understand better than any nation on earth that restraint means these types of attacks will continue. Israel must have the full support of the United States and all freedom loving nations in their efforts. I stand with Israel which is one of our strongest allies in the world, and I continue to stand against this administration’s policy of appeasement toward Iran.”

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