Mike Rogers: Destroy Hamas, isolate Iran and secure our border

In case you missed it, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Rogers penned an op-ed in The Detroit News regarding the war in Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attacks that took the lives of thousands, including over 20 Americans.

The United States must lead with strength, supporting Israel’s right to destroy Hamas while also working to isolate Iran and all those who support terrorism.

We must also work to secure our southern border to prevent attacks against the U.S. at home as Biden’s policies allow terrorists to cross the border unchecked.

Read more from Mike Rogers below and at The Detroit News.

Rogers: Destroy Hamas, isolate Iran and secure our border

The Detroit News

October 11, 2023

We rightly support Israel as it recaptures its territory, defeats Hamas terrorists, and recovers the hostages from across the world.

The barbaric actions of Hamas who targeted innocent Israelis for attack and murder, including women, the elderly, and even horrific atrocities against babies in their cribs, requires decisive action to ensure this never is allowed to happen again. As we support Israel in these efforts to destroy Hamas once for all, we cannot forget that none of this would be possible without the support of their patrons in Iran.

Iran’s long-running relationship with Hamas is no secret. While often differing politically, both Hamas and Tehran share an interest in attacking Israel, weakening the Israeli Defense Forces, and undermining the country’s security at every turn. Tehran provides material assistance in terms of money and arms, training and advice, and quite possibly direct operational support in this latest attack. In fact, Iran’s parliament was seen on the day of the barbaric attack chanting not only “Death to Israel,” but also “Death to America.”

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