Republican Senate candidate Mike Rogers: Biden’s EV plan will kill Michigan jobs

With the UAW strike expanding against the Big 3 automakers, it’s clear we are at a critical point that will determine the future path of our state’s most important economic sector. Not only are the futures of General Motors, Ford and Stellantis at risk, along with countless Michigan-based suppliers that help uphold the industry, our national security is put into question as well.

There is a lot on the line as Biden Administration red tape forces auto companies to transition to electric vehicles. What does this mean for workers? Estimates show that over 175,000 people in Michigan are employed directly for auto companies or parts suppliers, and since building electric vehicles requires at least 30% less labor, that could mean tens of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs here in Michigan could be eliminated.

The stated goal of the Biden administration is reducing greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change. The problem is their solution to accomplish this goal is misguided, will eliminate jobs that drive our economy, and the biggest beneficiary won’t be the climate, it will be China.

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