Mike Rogers Launches U.S. Senate Campaign

No candidate is better prepared to deliver results for Michiganders and be effective in the U.S. Senate on day one than Mike Rogers

BRIGHTON, MI — Today, U.S. Army veteran, former Congressman, and businessman Mike Rogers announced his candidacy to represent hard working Michigan families in the United States Senate and get America back on track.

America is headed in the wrong direction under Joe Biden and his supporters. Gas and groceries are too expensive for families, and home ownership is out of reach. Schools care more about social engineering than the 3 R’s: readin’, riten’, and ‘rithmetic, while China is educating the next generation and stealing our jobs and intellectual property. We have a broken system of justice – one for the DC elites and one for the rest of us. Our border is not secure and as a result our communities are more dangerous. We can do better. We MUST do better.

Watch the announcement video here.

Mike Rogers is a conservative fighter and proven leader who will deliver results for Michigan families. Rogers will get government out of the way so that small businesses can thrive, unleash American innovation, return our schools’ focus to educating the next generation, and take action to secure our southern border and curb the growing threat from China.

Mike was born and raised in Livingston County. He was taught the importance of service at a young age; his father was an educator and coach, and his mother ran the local chamber of commerce to help small businesses. Mike served his country in the U.S. Army, in the FBI as a Special Agent who took down organized crime, as a state senator in Michigan, and represented Michigan in the U.S. House where he served as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee in the hard years after 9/11.

After his time in Congress, Mike entered the private sector where he built cyber security companies that protect small businesses from cyber security threats from bad acting nation states like China.

Learn more about Mike Rogers and his plan to get America back on track at rogersforsenate.com

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